Thursday, July 29, 2010

The power of Soju.

Ahn-nyung-ha-se-yo! (it means hello!)

Yeah. I'm trying to get this language down. All I know right now is "hello" and "thank you" and "give me back my change!".

The second day was a little different from yesterday: I finally ate!

After a few grueling hours of training, a few of us trainees went out to get some food to eat. Because pretty much everyone in my training group is from Korea or has been in Korea for more than a year, they all showed me the "authentic" food that they had. To find this place, you walk down an alleyway and walk under a few tarps. Here are the foods I encountered.


A) Some kind of cooked fish with spices - all bones still in it, all skin still on it
B) Cold potato fries - tasteless compared to "real" fries.
C) Kimchi - Pretty awesome spicy cabbage
D) I'm not sure what they called it, but the Korean lady said it was made out of acorns
E) Korean pickles - didn't try them... I don't like pickles
F) Sardines and peppers - ew. tried it. didn't like it.
G) Seaweed soup - surprisingly good. Good for the Seoul*
H) Ham? - She said it was ham, didn't taste like it at all. The texture was weird too.
I) Rice - Duh.
J) I have no idea. Didn't try it.

After getting done with lunch, which took about 30 min, we went back to training. I'm not going to talk a lot about training because it would be pretty boring to hear about.

Training completed. Had to get back to the hotel.


The subway is pretty easy to use once you understand where you are and where you're going. Every time I've been on the subway thus far it's been pretty packed. Lots of advertising everywhere. After getting back to the hotel, some other trainees quickly called and said they wanted to go to this Korean Barbecue place down the street.



Thank god for locals. If she didn't come with, we wouldn't have known how to order.


You know I'm always down for grilled meat. and Kimchi. They were all surprised that I was willing to try everything on the table. Bring it on.


During supper, someone mentioned Soju. Holy Soju. I tried it. Tasted like water. Had two more shots of Soju. Definitely felt it. I think I should be careful around Soju.

After supper I went back up to my room and passed out, knowing that I'd wake up at 4am anyways so I could study more for todays FINAL EXAM! Wish me luck. I suck at grammar.

Oh, still flippin' humid.

Till next time, wherever you are,

Matt Mead

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