Thursday, October 30, 2008

Big Ten Basketball Media Day

After shooting the Purdue game on Saturday, we decided to make a pit stop to the Big Ten Basketball Media Day in Chicago before returning back to our home soil. We got there a little early. I'm not sure how, I slept the whole way there. Trevor must have an iron foot.

After making it inside despite the gusting wind, we waited around for a while to interview coaches and players. The hot coach ( I know it sounds weird ) must have been the coach from Indiana. Reporters, bloggers wanna-be sports broadcasters gathered around the table to hear what he had to say.

Trevor got some special attention at the table. The coach noticed his "special" pen and commented on it. It's revolutionary. Ask Trevor -

I noticed that besides myself, there was only a few other photogs there. Probably one of the easiest/most boring events you can shoot. Also, most of the pictures will never get used. I mean, what's more interesting picture: one of someone playing basketball or someone talking about playing basketball?

The drive back was pretty good, besides being freakin' cold outside.

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