Saturday, October 25, 2008

Purdue Road Trip

The nine hour drive to Purdue almost made me question why someone would want to go to a football game there to shoot pictures; however, given the opportunity to shoot in an open-air stadium makes the trip worth it.

The trek started with Austin driving. We decided we were going to document the trip (p.s. if anyone knows how to add audio to blogs you should let me know)

I thought it was going to rain and make the long drive even more stressful. Thank goodness the only time it rained was right when I started driving around eight o'clock when it was dark and we just started hitting massive road construction. Earlier in the day it looked like it would clear up.

We decided to spice up the ride a bit and do something fun (juvenile). Whenever a semi-truck would pass we would gesture for it to blow its horn. Oh yeah, and we kept stats. Lets just say 50% of truck drivers are nice, 45% of truck drivers are mean and 5% of truck drivers need to take their eyes off the road.

Obviously, even with the glorious Prius, one tank of gas won't last you 500 miles (even though we only had to stop twice). After hearing the word "schmuck" from a lady that need to pay for her gas, we noticed that people in the surrounding states are not as friendly as Minnesotans. Also, if you decide to divulge in a Gatorade to satisfy your thirst for a long trip, make sure you know where the rest stops are.

OH! Toll booths amaze me. How do the toll booth people survive in those tiny little places?

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